10-13 September 2015 – Symposium XIV: “Christian approaches to person and the meaning for therapy and counselling”. Hailoo, Netherlands.


A small report see here: https://emcapp.ignis.de/8/#p=196


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  Christian approaches to Person and the Meaning for Therapy and Counseling

  • Charles Zeiders (USA): The Christian Psychotherapist’s Approach to the Psychological and Spiritual Problems of Post modernism.
  • Olga Krasnikova (Russia): "Favorable and unfavorable conditions for the development
  • of personality in childhood"
  • Wolfram Soldan (Germany): “Dealing with evil”
  • Vibeke Møller (Denmark): “The Empowerment of Blessing in Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy”
  • Elena Strigo (Russia): “Exploring Personality in Trauma Therapy”
  • Andrey Lorgus (Russia): The Orthodox teaching of Person and its practical application
  • in psychotherapy
  • Mar Álvarez-Segura (Spain): Defense Mechanisms: Determined or ethical choices or both?
  • Anna Ostaszewska (Poland): Model of a person. Practical implications for psychotherapy
  • Trevor Griffiths (GB): Hypostasis = sub-state of wholeness’
  • Saara Kinnunen (Finland): The Building Blocks of a Relationship
  • and others