9-12 September 2013 – Symposium XII: “Specific healing factors in Christian psychotherapy”. Lviv, Ukraine.


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The Topic: “Specific healing factors in Christian psychotherapy”.

Main lectures:

  • Anna Ostaszewska (Poland): Specific healing factors in Christian Psychotherapy
  • Werner May (Germany): Efficacy Factors in Christian Psychology
  • Olga Krasnikowa (Russia): The specifics of the Christian Orthodox psychotherapy and consulting. Contemplations of a Christian psychologist
  • Liudmyla Hrydkovets (Ukraine): Family determinant of personal crises in the Christian cultural space
  • Guest Lecture  by Christina Hantel-Fraser (Canada): Conflict in Light of Our Christian Faith



The EMCAPP Symposium in Lviv was remarkable for me for its spirit of dialogue. Many scientific conferences are taking place around the world, but people are mainly talking there, while here, at the Symposium were mainly listening to each other. Quiet and almost family atmosphere allows confidential dialogue with like-minded people. This dialogue has discovered more in common than differences. Thinking now about the term “healing”concerning the healing factors discussed, I find it more medical or charlatan. As to me, in psychotherapy it is better to say about the new experience or change (transformation). (Fr. Andrey Lorgus, Russia)

I am happy, that it was the first time, that EMCAPP Symposium took place in Ukraine, and that it was in Lviv. It was a great pleasure to meet here with old friends and to discover new people, who join our movement. I appreciate the most the personal friendly relations and the ecumenical diversity within the EMCAPP. The discussions and presentations motivate me for future researches on the theme of Christian psychotherapy. I am also thinking about cross-cultural projects, which we could realize together. (Olena Yaremko, Ukraine)

The Symposium in Lviv has given me the opportunity to be in a circle of like-minded people and share with them experiences, plans and dreams. It was interesting to hear how Christian psychology is developed in different cultural and ethnographic contexts. Extremely important to me was just sharing experiences on approaches, methods and techniques that are used in counseling, which is based on a Christian worldview and its values. Once again, I felt convinced that we as Christian psychologists of different confessions can be united and agree on a Christian anthropology which understands humans to be created in the image and likeness of God and therefore deals with human goals in life, with joy and difficulties, in the light of the God given dignity and with eternal purposes. (Shemechko Rostyslav, Ukraine) 

I attended the EMCAPP Symposium for the first time in September in Lviv. The possibility to meet other Christian psychotherapists and hear their experiences were the most important things for me. I learned a lot about what it is to take spirituality in psychotherapy into account. It was great to discuss the Christian Psychology on the academic level and hear scientific researches about impressiveness of Christian psychotherapy in comparison to general therapy. That kind of topics are not common in my country. We will continue this discussion in ACC Finland. I was very impressed, when I found out that church services in Lviv were filled with people many times a day. We are worried about empty churches In Western countries. It was encouraging to see how people hunger for God. (Saara Kinnunen, Finland)