2-6 October 2014 – Symposium XIII: “Christian psychological models/explanations of psychological disorders”. Rome, Italy.


Read the report here: https://emcapp.ignis.de/6/#/204


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Christian psychological models/explanations of psychological disorders

  • Wolfram Soldan (Germany): The Christian psychological model of sexuality, a basic for therapy
  • Andrey Lorgus (Russia): Clients with schizophrenia:pastoral and psychological experience of work
  • Shannon Wolf (USA): Exploring Professional Therapists’ Worldviews through the Lens of Christian Psychology
  • Krzysztof Wojcieszek (Poland): If psychological crisis can be the potential element of spiritual growth? The analysis of some case studies
  • Trevor Griffith (GB): Speaking Life: Bringing order out of emotional chaos during times of change
  • Anna Ostaszewska: Integrative psychotherapy: a Christian approach – model of the origins of disorders and the promotion on change.
  • Guest Speaker Hans Zollner SJ, Preside Istituto di Psicologia, Pontificia Università, Gregoriana, Rome
  • And others