3-6 September 2012 – Symposium XI: “Specific subjects of Christian anthropology, psychology and psychotherapy”. Warsaw, Poland.



My experience during the EMCAPP-Conference Warsaw 2012


“The most important aspect of Warsaw meeting for me was the possibility to meet in such special place as Warsaw. This city has a very special history and is a kind of contemporary "sign of the resurrection", as some other places on our planet. Of course so many lectures, discussions and presentations were also very fruitfully, but that personal aspect was the most important to me.

Moreover among participants were 5 persons from Russia. Just before, in August, in Poland was Patriach Ciril from Moscow and with polish bishops signed a special letter to Polish and Russian nations. It was preparing for a few years and from some historical causes very difficult, but with the help of our Lord even impossible is possible. The presence of my friends from Russia helps me to immediately stress that direction toward the community between both nations. Great history starts with little steps. That step was a source of great hope for me, as a living Good News. Contact with each person was a great gift for me. Our lectures will be burnt in the fire, but our friendship can be eternal! Only love will survive the End!“

(Krzysztof Wojcieszek, Poland)




“It was very interesting, stimulating and beautiful to meet Christian brothers and sisters from different church back grounds and discuss the different themes. The teaching that meant most to me was the teaching about love and about the scientific researches on Christian Psychotherapy.”

(Vibeke Møller, Denmark)


“The 11th Symposium of EMCAPP, held in a beautiful palace in the center of Warsaw, was for me an inspiring event. Along with interesting lectures I was impressed by fruitful group work on different topics of psychology, anthropology and psychotherapy, and of course, by warm and friendly atmosphere at the Symposium. Our meetings helped me to gain confidence that each of us is not alone on the way of establishing and developing Christian psychology, where we are facing sometimes not easy problems, and we can turn to support and rich experience of Christian psychologists from different countries in spite of our diversity. High professional level was the primary term of the Symposium, but for me it was important that were also not forgotten the words of Christ: By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13,35) Special thanks to our Polish colleagues for the Symposium organization.”

(Tatjana Kim, Russia)




EMCAPP is pan-European, ecumenical, comprised of elite integrators of Christian healing spirituality and psychotherapy. My experience of the attendees was that each possessed highly developed integrations of social science and spirituality. The conference atmosphere was electric with intellectual and spiritual energy.

EMCAPP is pioneering work of exceptional importance regarding the integration of social science and Christian spirituality. To have been invited to speak to such and elite society has been a great honor for me and my clinical practice.

(Charles Zeiders, USA)



"Warsaw 2012 was an important event for me. Firstly, I saw the richness of scientific researches, developed concepts and theories on the integration of psychology and theology, which exist in the Christian West European scientific community; secondly, I was inspired by the solidarity of psychologists, therapists, doctors and theologians in the discussion of the anthropological aspect. Personally for me the concept of integration based on anthropology became clearer. Here, in Ukraine, we only dream of a similar format (pattern) of scientific debates and the dialogue between church and science.”

(Slava Khalanskyy, Ukraine)